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From bed and breakfasts to resorts, hundreds of millions of travelers around the world search for hotels on Google. Connect with them using our free and paid products, and watch bookings grow.

Discover what Google can do for your hotel

Show up for interested travelers with a free profile

Use your free Business Profile to display your hotel details, photos, and amenities on Google Search and Maps.

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Use free booking links to get more direct bookings

With free booking links in your profile, you can show real-time rates and availability and send customers to your booking site. All at no cost from Google.

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Maximize direct bookings with Hotel Ads (paid)

Run Hotel Ads to promote your profile on Search and Maps. Target groups most likely to book and get additional reporting – while retaining control of your terms and conditions.

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How WebHotelier increased bookings at no cost

In the midst of the pandemic, booking engine WebHotelier needed a cost-effective way to bring in more customers across their 6,000+ hotels. Discover how free booking links helped them accomplish their goal.

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25 %

increase in bookings

We’re thrilled that hotels working with WebHotelier saw more than $4.7M in additional revenue from free booking links this summer.

Apostolos Tsakpinis, CTO and founder, WebHotelier

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Build your presence across Google

Learn how to create a free hotel profile, display free booking links, run ads, and more.

Get support from a trusted partner

Help your current connectivity partner get connected with Google, if they aren’t already. Or find an ads partner so you can start running Hotel Ads.

Explore our starter guide for hotels

Get comprehensive instructions for managing your hotel’s online presence with Google.

Share hotel partner rates and content

Send your partners’ rates and content to Google so they can use free booking links and Hotel Ads. Plus, get educational materials for your partners.

Learn how free booking links work

Read our Help Center article to learn how your hotel partners can fill more rooms at no cost with free booking links.

Explore our connectivity partner starter guide

Find everything you need to become a Google connectivity partner and start your integration.

Run better campaigns for your clients

See how Hotel Ads can simplify the way you manage campaigns and bring in more direct bookings for your clients.

Explore Hotel Ads features

Promote your hotels on Search and Maps, target specific groups, get fast, customized reporting, and more.

Read our starter guide for agencies

Find step-by-step instructions for getting your clients live on Hotel Ads.