Help your clients maximize bookings with Hotel Ads

Help your clients maximize bookings with Hotel Ads

Bring in more direct bookings for your hotel clients and simplify the way you manage ads. Get started by linking your Hotel Center and Google Ads accounts.

Grow direct bookings across Google for your clients

Increase direct bookings from travelers interested in your clients’ hotels with booking links on Google Search and Maps.

Drive incremental traffic by promoting your hotels

With a premium search position, get in front of potential guests who know where they want to go, but not where they want to stay.

Access automation tools and analytics

Manage all of your hotels in one place. Make data-driven decisions with customized reporting on ad spend, campaign performance, and more.

Clients don’t have their rates connected?

Help your clients share their rates with Google so they can start running ads.

Learn how to make the most of Hotel Ads

From customizing your campaigns to optimizing your ad rank, find out how you can deliver results for your clients with Hotel Ads.

Create Hotel Ads campaigns in Google Ads

Create and manage multiple Hotel Ads campaigns at once in your Google Ads account. Show travelers detailed information about your hotels and send them to your clients’ sites with booking links. Customize each campaign based on your preferences around bidding, budget, location, and more.

Create Hotel Ads campaigns in Google Ads

Explore different bid strategies

For each campaign, choose a bid strategy that makes sense for your client’s budget and goals. Pay when a traveler clicks your ad or books through your ad. And automatically adjust your bid price based factors like room rate or a click’s likelihood of leading to a booking.

See all bid strategies

Understand how Google ranks your ads

Ad ranking determines where your ad appears on the page, or whether it appears at all. Your rank is based on a number of factors, including your bid price, the quality of your landing page, and your ad’s relevance to the searching traveler. Adjust these factors to improve your rank.

Learn more about ad ranking

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