Grow your hotel’s Google presence with a partner

Our partners provide the support you need to get on free hotel booking links and Hotel Ads – so you can start bringing in more bookings across Google.

Get on free booking links

Get on free booking links

To start using free booking links, you need to work with a connectivity partner to send your rates to Google. Search to see if your current partner is already connected with us.

A third-party partner who helps you get your rates online. You may know them by one of these names:
  • property management system (PMS)
  • channel manager (CM)
  • central reservation system (CRS)
  • internet booking engine (IBE)
  • marketing agency
Get on Hotel Ads

Get on Hotel Ads

Once you’re live on free booking links, you can expand your reach with Hotel Ads. To get started, use the filters in our search bar to find the right ads partner for your goals.

A third-party partner or agency who can help you set up and manage Hotel Ads.

Want to get on free booking links without a connectivity partner?