Integrate with Google to help your partners grow

Send your hotel partners’ rates, availability, and content to Google. Then, they can start using free booking links to tap into the hundreds of millions of bookings that happen here each day.

Show hotel rates and more across Google

Help your partners show their rates, availability, room data, photos, reviews, and more on Google Search and Maps.

Increase bookings for your hotel partners

Once you share rates and content, free booking links will appear in your hotel partner’s Business Profile, driving more travelers to book with them.

Get data to refine your approach

Use performance data to help your hotel partners show up – and stand out – for even more travelers.

Already integrated? Use ads to expand your reach.

With Hotel Ads, you can help your partners get in front of more travelers.

Start the Google integration process

Get your hotel partners connected with Google in six steps.

Step 1

Tell us about your company

Whether you’re a property management software company, channel manager, online travel agency, metasearch engine, or another type of hotel connectivity partner, fill out a form to tell us more about your company and your goals.

Step 2

Set up your account

After you sign a Content Licensing Agreement, we’ll work with you to set up your Hotel Center account. Your account lets you manage rates and availability for your hotels, view reporting, and more.

Step 3

Develop and test the integration

Use your account to share information for your hotels with Google, including real-time rates and availability, photos, reviews, and landing pages for booking links. You can share rates and availability via two types of APIs:

  • ARI: recommended if you have direct access to nightly rates
  • Pull: recommended if you have to fetch rates live from a third party

Step 4

Get certified

To make sure your integration meets our quality standards, we’ll check that the prices shown on your booking links match the prices on your landing pages. You need an “Excellent” price accuracy score before you can launch.

Step 5

Go live and add more hotels

Once your integration is live, rates and availability will appear in your hotel profiles, along with free booking links that let customers book with your partners directly. Use your Hotel Center account to add more properties and test them as you scale to make sure they’re working correctly.

Step 6

Expand your reach with ads (paid add-on)

Congrats! You’ve connected your hotel partners with Google. Now, you can run Hotel Ads to show their booking links to even more travelers. Target specific groups with your ads and get access to additional detailed reporting.

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